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Share-More The Concept

A Knowledge Factory in Western Jutland

How can we offer academic and engineerical competences for companies in municipalities that have challenges with attracting enough of these qualifications? And how can we become better at phasing in young academics into the companies in Western Jutland?

The idea behind the concept of Share-More is to create more value for the local communities via a cluster of knowledge in the form of young academics and engineers, who gets a 6 month traineeship where they work for and network with a number of local companies and thereby obtain the possibility of showing their worth in projects and assignments for the companies.

It is all about a dynamic approach to the challenges and opportunities for the local business community. They do not necessarily need a “whole” engineer, but maybe the need to “lease” one of them for a shorter period of time for a specific and limited assignment. Or perhaps a firm can be curious to test the potential by hiring an academic and how that create value for the company?

And then we are almost in walking distance of a decision.

How does Share-More work?

Share-More is intended as a strategic cooperation between businesses across branches. Share-More is a cooperative society where companies, municipalities and organisations can buy a membership and thereby get access to the knowledge and the services that Share.More offers.

Entirely in the spirit of the cooperative society this means that all members have equal rights and 1 vote and that all profit is returned to the members in relation to consumption of services.

Share-More The Mission

Why Share-More?

Most of what is produced for export in Denmark comes from Central Jutland. We are indeed very competitive and have an impressive growth rate in many branches, but often we lack key members of staff with academic or engineerical backgrounds for short or long-term employment.

Share-More can assist in solving small and large assignments in municipalities such as Lemvig, Struer, Thisted, Skive and Holstebro and do it locally, so that companies do not have to hire or use many ressources finding solutions far away – they can use one or more Share-More consultants, who in cooperation with the company in House or externally at Share-More can develop and create the right solutions at the best price.

What can Share-More offer to companies?

Tailored solutions, no matter if you are a production unit, a support function company or a service organization. We can send an engineer to you for 3 weeks if you have the need, or if you have a peak demand or a special challenge for a period of time. Or maybe you have a development project which you find problematic to handle internally – or wish to have “other eyes” to look at before you send it to the market. Professional back-and-forth – support – production – development.

It goes by many names. Share-More can take part in a variety of assignments.

Share-More Areas

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

New companies and new ways of thinking product development often requires either sparring or sub deliverance of knowledge intense project assignments, which Share-More can participate in depending on the scale of the need.

Experience economy – culture & business

If your name is LEGO, well, then you have your own Marketing department. If you are a smaller size company then you can choose to hire an advertising agency. But you can also choose Share-More consultants with concrete knowledge of how the interaction between various societal cultures is optimized or how a handball club can strengthen its Brand and its reach.

Product development and internationalization

Improvements to existing solutions or concrete solutions that needs to be adapted to the individual company are sometimes in need of speciel requirements in terms of knowledge which is external for the individual company. In many respects Share-More can add that knowledge.

Typical assignments

Basic construction assignments and confisuration & design assignments – or websites, newsletters, social media tasks or the like.

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Share-More Candidates

Janni Friis Flugt

Jeg er en handlekraftig og resultatskabende der brænder for marketing og salg. Jeg kan tilbyde mere end 6+ års erfaring inde for detailsektoren

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